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Where to start? I absolutely adore these two!  I met with Kyle and Jill at the Gardens on Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville's campus.  I mean, they are straight models and didn't even tell me!

You know what I love most about Jake and Britney? They have some of the kindest hearts.  They are truly a beautiful couple inside and out! The love that they have for each other is overflowing and it couldn't have been any more evident on their wedding day.

As far as wedding days go, Quinton and Celeste had the most PERFECT day!  Perfect weather, perfect venue, and perfect bridal party – in fact it was one of those weddings that seemed to go off without a hitch! I was so honored when Krista B. Photography asked me to assist her with second shooting Quinton...

Let me just start off by saying... I LOVE SURPRISE PROPOSALS! They are literally my favorite.  The look on her face when he finally drops down to one knee, the look of her putting together all of the little things that happened leading up to this moment that did not seem so out of the ordinary at the time, and the look of joy on both of their faces.  It is always so exciting and happy!