Let me just start off by saying… I LOVE SURPRISE PROPOSALS! They are literally my favorite.  The look on her face when he finally drops down to one knee, the look of her putting together all of the little things that happened leading up to this moment that did not seem so out of the ordinary at the time, and the look of joy on both of their faces.  It is always so exciting and happy!

Well that is exactly what happened with Dylan and Megan.  They had been dating for quite some time and Dylan talked her into getting some pictures together since they had never done that before. Mackenzie Maitland Photography and I went out to make it look like it was just another session.  Dylan is a farmer and has some absolutely beautiful land that we were able to use.  By the time he popped the question at the top of this gorgeous hill during sunset, their families were at the bottom of the hill cheering for them!! It was so sweet!!

I could not have been more excited to be apart of this special moment! You all are going to die when you see the sunset and that RING!

Congratulations Dylan and Megan!! I am so happy for you both!